Gigi is at 17-time Grand Slam Doubles Champion and Hall of Fame Member. For the past 7 years  she has been coaching amateur players, helping them play better doubles than they ever thought possible. She created The Gigi Method to help players understand the art and science of doubles. 

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The Gigi Method

Take your understanding of doubles to the next level in just 3 hours.

Step 1: Positioning

13 videos to help you understand how to position yourself correctly at the net and in the baseline. 

Step 2: Court Coverage

9 videos to help you learn what to cover so you are never passed again. 

Step 3: The Serve

11 videos to help you never lose your serve again. 

Step 4: The Return

9 videos to help you return so you have a chance to break each time your opponent serves plus BONUS 6 videos on Lobs

Step 5: Shot Selection

9 videos to teach you high percentage shot selection from each of the formations you and your opponents face. 

Step 6: Competition

12 sections to read to help you create winning game plans and formulate winning strategies. 


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" The Gigi Method completely changed the way I see the doubles court. After learning and applying the concepts I learned from it, my partner and I went on a 6 month winning streak! I highly recommend it. "

Trish Dugan (4.0)

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